Anolyte Cell Resources (ACR) is dedicated to
providing the Electrocoating industry with
quality innovative designs.

Providing a cost saving anolyte cell, that
provides 100% usable anode area. Not up to 50%
of the anode area tubecells offer.

Evolve from the trouble with tubecells and go
with us.

Quality, Assurance, and Fair pricing has moved
us to a very competitive position.

ACR will handle all your Anode E-Coat needs
  • ACR designed the Thincell.

  • Only the best materials are used in our
    manufacturing process. We don't offer
    substitutions for our quality to compete in the

  • Innovation to meet the customers requirements.
    Our engineering department works with your
    company to provide you with exactly what you
    need for your electrocoating process.

  • We offer the Thincell, no more maintenance or
    leaky seams. 10 amps per sqft provides 2x the
    power than the tubecell.
Chemical & Paint Manufacturers Approval

ACR has been approved by the major Chemical and
Paint manufacturers as a supplier to the respective
industries. The founder of ACR has personally
worked with these manufacturers, solidifying us and
our products in the market.
Anolyte Cell Resources
Vertical placement
Energy Efficiency

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Does your business need ThinCells?
Look at the questions below and see.
  • Does the current operation leave a thin film build?
  • Is the rectifiers Voltage output at its limit?
  • Has the amp draw dropped with the same substrate?
  • Has the film spec increased over 1 m thickness?
  • Are the current cells wearing out fast?
  • Need more cells, but don't have space in the tank?
  • Dwell time is less than 2 minutes?
  • Tubular cells leaking?
  • Too many connections and maintenance issues?
  • pH out of control?
  • I need a cost effective solution for our cells?
  • Need a second opinion for your paint issues?
   ACR can help. Our ThinCell provides 2X the square
   footage and 2X the current density over the tubular cells
ALD8 Series, as with all ThinCells
can be
installed side by side and up
against the tank wall
Please go To the
ThinCell page for
The Auto Cell
Replaces "C" Cells and
Tube cells for automotive tanks
Switching over to the latest anolyte cell technology is easy.
Installation of the ThinCell is designed to be placed in your tank without any
The ThinCell can be installed in any OEM tank or format.
Our engineers will design a plug and play format for your requirements to install in
using your existing format or platform.
Installed in another new system. When mil
thickness counts, you can count on the ThinCell.
We've got you covered !
The ThinCell
We've got you covered.
Thank you for visiting our website. Our products are proudly made in the USA..

By Americans who take extraordinary care in providing you with the finest
2019 Model ALD8 Thincell
Best ThinCell ever
Best current density
Best warranty - 2 years
2019 Model ALD8 with
proprietary Polypropylene
mesh, increases chemical  and
higher pressure capabilities.
Below is the standard 3/8" inlet and
1/2" outlet. Polypropylene fittings, with
#6 THHN power cable.
the disposable no maintenance anolyte cell, at a price that fits a Thin
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