Anolyte Cell Resources
ACR 200CXG-76-89
Recently we were invited to design a Tubular cell for a major
E-Coater that was experiencing coating issues on truck
frames. ACR met with the company, listened, designed and
then manufactured the cells for this customer. The design
was so extraordinary to the present products, another patent
was required.   
Don't listen to excuses from your vendors as to why performance of your cells is not what you expected. ACR solves your
problems. Advise is just a call away. Need a second opinion? Let us review your issues.
ACR has gained ground as a supplier in the industry primarily from Honest Service provided to the end user. You will not
find sugar coated excuses here, just results.
within your paint tank. Our engineering team can custom design the right cell for
ACR has manufactured cells from 2 feet to 20 feet in length. Our Exclusive and
Patented Modular Tubular cell lowers shipping and crating costs and provides a
dual anode format that provide full voltage potential in the lower portion of the

A win - win status for Ecoaters with large frames and/or Farm machinery.

Our customers are switching from this antiquated
tubular technology and have all embraced
the new ThinCell technology with no regrets.

Our customers have saved vast amounts of money
and increased their profit margins due to the more
efficient operation and lack of maintenance of the

We will manufacturer the Tubular cell on request
only. Just remember you only get half as much
performance out of this technology.