Anolyte Cell Resources
ACR 200CXG-76-89
Recently we were invited to design a Tubular cell for a major E-Coater that
was experiencing coating issues on truck frames. ACR met with the company,
listened, designed and then manufactured the cells for this customer. The
design was so extraordinary to the present products,
ACR was given the
contact for all 4 tanks.

Competition cost for the cell = qty 48 @ $150,000.00
ACR cost for the cell = qty 48 @ $ 109,000.00
For the same cell specifications.
a -$41,000.00 mistake.

Don't listen to excuses from your vendors as to why performance of your cells is not what you expected. ACR solves your
problems. Advise is just a call away. Need a second opinion? Let us review your issues.
ACR has gained ground as a supplier in the industry primarily from Honest Service provided to the end user. You will not
find sugar coated excuses here, just results.
Have you been hit with a 100% price increase?

No Worries- ACR did not have to elevate OUR price
to that level. Great products and management, allows
ACR to have a very palatable bump in cost.

Show me your quote and get up to 50% off that
ridiculous price.

160" effective cell:
Competitions $3,100.00
ACR $1,800.00

Just Saying???
ACR has been manufacturing Tube Cell since 2006. Call us for any questions. Don't be fooled by having to
pay an inflated price for your cells.